Asian TV Channel (ATVC) is an online destination to every woman’s beauty needs. It provides vital but fun information regarding the latest news about beauty & skincare products, makeup, fashion, the current talk of the town, and stimulating topics for inspiration and confidence-building. It features product reviews, beauty and fashion tips as well as fashion photography, celebrity interviews and lifestyle articles.

Asian TV Channel aims to bring out not only the physical splendor but also the inner beauty on every woman’s life through its meaningful content and empowering advocacies. It is Asian TV Channel’s purpose to educate the women about the latest trends in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle as well as guide them in determining effective beauty brands that they can use safely.
Asian TV Channel is a woman’s daily beauty director – an outlet in providing the latest news & updates on the current what’s in, talk of the town and the out and about upcoming beauty & skincare products, make-up, and fashion. But it is also everyone’s guide in uplifting the goodness inside them.  Through its contents, Asian TV Channel wishes to empower people motivating them to reach for their dreams and celebrate success
Beauty inside and out is what Asian TV Channel aspires to deliver to its readers.

Dear PR People, we would be glad to announce all your brand events to our audience. Please send information to us and we will introduce your product, your event or your sale in the best possible way.

Agencies, photographers, videographers/ filmakers, designers, artists, models, fashion stylists, make- up artist… wanting their editorials covered feel free to contact us.
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Note to bloggers: please do credit Asiantvchannel if you place material from our pages onto some other site. Thank you.

FAQ & Guidelines
How long does it take to get a story featured?
We do consider every submitted shoot or news update for a feature, please leave us up to 2-3 working days to reply back. In case we passed on the story we will let you know in a timely manner.

Photography Editorial Submission

We do consider every submitted shoot for a feature,please give us 2-3 days, A submitted shoot doesn’t have to be an exclusive, although an exclusive shot specially for Asian TV Channel is more likely to be selected, we give such sessions more exposure. (Please emphasize if you are submitting exclusively), minimum of 3 layouts per fashion edtorial (for exclusive). To compile a feature we require separate JPEG files of minimal 730-900px dimension (shorter side of the image) saved for web in Very High or Maximum quality. By exclusive we mean unpublished images, not submitted to any other sites, or posted on your public facebook/web page, etc. Exclusive sessions photographed for Asian TV Channel, after our publishing should be shared further on only as such. Exclusive submissions get additional exposure throughout our network. Include a write up of all the credits, listing name of the photographer as well as the model, stylist, makeup artist. etc. Also let us know if there is a website of yours you would like us to link back to. We look forward to seeing your work.

Please do credit Asian TV Channel if you place material from our pages onto some other site. Thank you.