HAIR: Why is your hair thinning in your 20s?


By Flor Leano

It isn’t surprising when seniors lose their hair. But it’s really a big puzzle when yuppies start losing their lovely locks in their 20s when they should still be proud of their lush mane. In the past decades, research focused on the male-pattern baldness. Now, the focus of studies is the early onset of baldness especially among women. Research shows that young women have been into some habits that made their crowning glory less healthier and thinner. If you are hooked into some of these habits, it’s probably the best time to let go of them or you will start losing your hair.


Studies have found that nearly all first use of tobacco among girls takes place before high school graduation. As teens grow older, they will start going to parties and smoke with their friends to show off a grown-up image. Research shows that there is a link between smoking and hair loss. The toxin in the cigarette can shrink the blood vessels and later affect the blood flow. If this happens, hair follicles will not receive the right amount of nutrients so the hair cycle gets interrupted. Consequently, more and more hair strands will go down the drain and will not be replaced so it eventually leads to hair loss.


For bad hair days, the hot hair straighteners can tame frizz and with just few strokes from the head down to the tips of the hair, you can flaunt your crowning glory. The problem is that hot hair straighteners strip off hair’s natural moisture. The heat dries out your hair making it more vulnerable to split ends and breakage. Youtube also glamorized the do-it-yourself hairstyling to get the looks of popular stars using damaging commercial hairstyling preparations such as sprays, gels and mousses. Some hairstyling products contain harsh ingredients like alcohol, ammonia, polymer and many other synthetic ingredients. When people abuse the use of these hairstyling products and do not wash their hair properly, real problem starts. The harsh ingredients in these hair products stay in the scalp and could either cause dandruff or dry out the hair follicles that both cause hair loss in the end.


When young ladies are thin, they are in so they get into crash diets they believe can give them the fab thin shape. However, these crash diets deprive the body of some essential nutrients. If the hair lacks in iron, B-vitamins, zinc and protein, having a beautiful mane will be an elusive dream. Protein-deficiency can cause hair loss because hair fibers consist of 80-95% protein. When the hair lacks protein, it gets extra brittle, looks limp and breaks so easily. On the other hand, the type of hair loss due to nutrition deficit is called telogen effluvium, an abnormality in the hair cycling which causes hair roots that would normally be in the anagen cycle (growth) stage will be pushed to the telegen or resting phase. As a result, the affected hair will fall out.


Many hair loss products can seduce you into buying them because of false testimonies of popular endorses. When your hair is alarmingly thinning down and your scalp is starting to show, you’ve got to nourish it back to health. Going natural is the best way. If your hair growth shampoo contains Moringa Oleifera (malunggay) and Aloe Vera, buy it! Moringga contains nutrients for healthier hair and scalp such as Vitamin A that improves scalp health and prevents dandruff, Vitamin E that prevents hair follicles to break down and Zinc that prevents the shrinkage of hair follicles. On the other hand, Aloe Vera contains essential amino acids and minerals that make the hair grow healthy and stimulate the dormant hair follicles. Other natural ingredients that you must check in your hair growth shampoo are Virgin Coconut Oil that protects hair from breaking or falling; Rose Mary that keeps the hair follicles healthy; Omega-3 that increases hairdensity, and Ginger that prevents dandruff and keep the scalp healthy and clean. Also look for Gugo, Rosemary, Peppermint and Panax Ginseng in your hair growth shampoo as they promote blood circulation in the scalp. When blood circulation is improved, the hair gets oxygen and nutrients it needs so it will become thick, shiny and bouncy.


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