Hoodia Gordonii – Suppress your Appetite


By Flor Leano

If your everyday meals consist of oily chops and carbs and end with sweets and icy sodas, you should no longer be surprised if you are part of the growing number of obese men and women. Did you know that 30% of the world population is obese? You must keep your cravings in check as obesity causes diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension and many others.

We all dream of having healthy body but modern photography and creative advertising make junk food so tempting. With junk food binging here and there, fitting into skinny jeans seems too far-fetched unless you want to try Hoodia gordonii that can help in suppressing your appetite. After all, your body’s response to food is pretty normal. You see food and it looks yummy. Naturally, your instinct will say that you need to grab it for a bite. Here’s the good thing about Hoodia: it will trick your brain that you are already full so you won’t be tempted to eat even when a bowl of chips or slices of cheesy pizza are in front of you. Hoodia contains P57, the molecule that has an effect on the brain’s hypothalamus which helps in regulating appetite. Studies have already confirmed that P57 in Hoodia is an effective appetite suppressant. Anthropologists found out that Hoodia was the main reason why African Bushmen could endure prolonged hunger and thirst during their hunting trips. But whether they were out for a hunt or just in their houses, African Bushmen munched this succulent to cut on their cravings which would not likely be satisfied especially when almost everything around them had dried up.

Hoodia is now in many slimming products and has been promoted as the best appetite suppressant. Should you try it? The problem is not really in Hoodia. Africans have already proven that it’s effective and safe. But you must check the manufacturers who might be lying about the amount of this succulent in the appetite suppressant tabs they make. You should look for a reputable slimming tab so you are assured that you get all the goodness of Hoodia. You will know that you picked the right slimming product if it has the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seal like SnL Dietary Supplement. Every tab in SnL contains the power of Hoodia in suppressing appetite and confirmed by the FDA. Just follow the dosage indicated and you will be healthy and slim once again.


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