How to Protect Yourself from Mosquito Bites


By Florvel M. Leano

Mosquito scare is up nowadays as the number of dengue victims remains in an alarming rate. A single mosquito bite contains certain viruses and parasites that carry deadly diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and some types of brain infection. Ordinarily, mosquito bites can cause swelling, itchiness and redness. The affected area can remain itchy and at the same painful for few days then leave the skin with a dark mark.

If you want to protect yourself from mosquito bites, you need to clean up your surroundings as they are especially attracted to places that have awful smell. Sweet smelling scents and flowers are also very appealing to mosquitoes so you have to keep your scent light. To control mosquito breeding in your house, you have to make sure that you drain standing water in water containers, gutters or tires as they hatch and multiply in water. Dark colors such as black, brown, blue, red and the likes lure mosquitoes, so you have to opt for light-colored clothes. Lotions or anti-mosquito patches are very helpful in driving away mosquitoes but there are some scents that they really hate. One of them is citronella oil which has helped in reducing mosquito landing since the Greek and Roman time. Unlike anti-itch preparations available in the market, citronella oil is not toxic and does not worsen skin irritation. It is also soothing to the affected skin. Eucalyptus oil is as effective as citronella in repelling mosquitoes but with added benefits. It can interfere with the delicate senses of the mosquitoes making it difficult for them to find their next victim. If you want to apply eucalyptus or citronella oils on your skin, dilute them first with Virgin Coconut Oil. An ounce of eucalyptus or citronella needs twelve drops of VCO to be diluted. Or you can put them in oil burners and enjoy their soothing scents while they are driving away mosquitos.

Before itchiness can drive you crazy, apply Asian Magic Cream. Scratching makes itchiness even worse. Asian Magic Cream instantly relieves redness and itch as it contains Virgin Coconut Oil that helps protect the skin from bacteria. VCO also has anti-inflammatory properties that provide relief from itch. In addition, Asian Magic Cream contains green tea to calm down the swelling of the affected area. Meanwhile, the honey content of this multi-function cream can reduce the temptation to scratch the itch because it has an anti-bacterial property. Once this cream is applied, the power of honey combined with VCO immediately penetrates the deeper layer of the skin to inhibit the growth of the bacteria or virus that mosquitoes injected to your skin.


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